Reading Alasdair MacIntyre's After Virtue by Christopher

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Reading Alasdair MacIntyre's After Virtue by Christopher

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I was pleasantly surprised by the development of the students' excitement for and interest in the assigned readings. This might strike us as strange initially since many think that emotions (more precisely sympathy and compassion) are precisely what ground and motivate moral actions (see Hume).� But Kant denies this.� Consider, �What if the shopkeeper wasn�t feeling particularly compassionate that day?�� If the only reason he is acting morally is because a feeling, there is no guarantee that he is moral or is interested in morality nor is it any sign that he acts rightly or has considered the rightness of his act.� Many immoral things have been done and are done in the name of love and compassion. (Think of the mother who killed her five children to send them to heaven.) Kant Posits a Moral Duty: Necessity to act from respect for the moral law.

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A New Global Ideal: Starting an Ethical Standard in the World

Mother Teresa is often seen as an example of altruism, she was a Catholic nun who dedicated her life to helping the poor in India. A Psychological Egoist would say that she really did this for her own benefit, to feel good about herself or get in to heaven. An Ethical Egoist may view her care for others as genuine, but see it as foolish, because she should have been looking after her own needs, not other people’s needs ref.: Rugby: A Player's Guide to the Laws Friedman, a philosopher of the University of Toronto, concludes, "Without religion the coherence of an ethic of compassion cannot be established , source: Killing in War (Uehiro Series in Practical Ethics) Killing in War (Uehiro Series in. D I believe A and B and will live by them. B We are obligated to prevent it wherever possible Victims of Sexual Violence: A Handbook for Helpers (Series on values and inter-disciplinary inquiry) As a result, morality and ethics have a very wide range of possible definitions and examples. I think that most people and dictionaries would probably agree with my personal definition of morality and ethics Light on the Path: Through the Gates of Gold Situational ethics dictate that the moral path be decided by the context of the issue at hand, rather than have a textbook judgment for everything Handbook of moral philosophy. A positive science, natural science or descriptive science is concerned with what is , cited: Applying Moral Theories read online. It is difficult to agree with the point James Rachels makes in “Elements of Moral Philosophy” about the problem with this theory. He suggests that it is flawed because we think it is irrefutable and we then turn everything around to make it seem as though it is provable Aquinas: Bolinda Beginner Guides read epub. All that said, the ideas presented here in this book ARE compatible with religion; I am personally not compatible with religion however. You can be religious and derive ethical truth from innate knowledge; which is what this book tries to prove and provide guidance on The Teachings of Ptahhotep: The Oldest Book in the World Time and space do not permit a discussion of the rational idealism of Plato, Aristotle, and Hegel, nor of the Categorical Imperative and postulational idealism of Immanuel Kant. In his Critique of Pure Reason, Kant opposes any effort to reduce knowledge of good and evil to mere sensory perception pdf.

It denies, in other words, the central claim of teleological moral views. For instance, act consequentialism is one sort of teleological theory. It asserts that the right action is that action of all the alternatives available to the agent that has the best overall outcome ref.: Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions - 50 Years On (Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science) Kuhn's Structure of Scientific. Whatever has reference to the general inclinations and wants of mankind has a market value; whatever, without presupposing a want, corresponds to a certain taste, that is to a satisfaction in the mere purposeless play of our faculties, has a fancy value; but that which constitutes the condition under which alone anything can be an end in itself, this has not merely a relative worth, i. e., value, but an intrinsic worth, that is dignity ref.: After Virtue: A Study in Moral Theory, Third Edition

Ethics and War in the 21st Century (LSE International Studies Series)

Outlines of a Critical Theory of Ethics

42 - The Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything

I’ll use one example to illustrate and then move on. It’s a fact that rape occurs in nature — among chimpanzees, for instance; and there are some evolutionary arguments to explain its existence in humans and non-humans alike. But this fact tells us exactly nothing about whether it’s OK to rape people , source: The Bonds of Freedom: Simone download pdf Explicit attempts to define morality are hard to find, at least since the beginning of the 20th century. One possible explanation for this is the combined effect of early positivistic worries about the metaphysical status of normative properties, followed (or augmented) by Wittgensteinian worries about definitions of any significant terms whatsoever The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ( Large Print )(Chinese Edition) What can moral philosophers learn from the study of the brain?. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 58(4), 865-869. Alasdair MacIntyre on education: In dialogue with Joseph Dunne. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 36(1), 1-19. 24 McGuire, J. Scientific change: Perspectives and proposals Look, A White!: Philosophical Essays on Whiteness Look, A White!: Philosophical Essays on. In any practical case people may disagree about what is tolerable or not, and that disagreement should be worked through, in an attempt to resolve it, in a morally acceptable and reasonable way online. This quest for certainty has brought about the philosophical demarcation between knowledge and belief as first found in Plato�s Theatetus. [29] It is believed that belief or opinion is relative while knowledge is expected to be universal, firmly ground and immutable Wisdom of China the Sayings of Confucius download epub. Lennox (Eds.), Introduction to the philosophy of science (pp. 42-103). Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Publishing Company. Varieties of moral personality: Ethics and psychological realism. Still metaphysical after all these years. Lapsley (Eds.), Personality, identity, and character (pp. 52-78). Virtue and psychology: Pursuing excellence in ordinary practices. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association , cited: We're Crazy!: A Memoir About download here download here.

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Many philosophers believe that morality consists of following precisely defined rules of conduct, such as "don't kill," or "don't steal." Presumably, I must learn these rules, and then make sure each of my actions live up to the rules. Virtue ethics, however, places less emphasis on learning rules, and instead stresses the importance of developing good habits of character, such as benevolence (see moral character ) , e.g. For Love of Country: An Essay on Patriotism and Nationalism read online. Unlike a horse, the taxi driver’s humanity must at the same time be treated as an end in itself Human Rights, Legitimacy, and download here download here. Of course, this is not the place to adjudicate competing interpretations of Aquinas’s view. Yet recent philosophers have noted that too many expositors distort Aquinas’s view by treating it independently of his metaethics and his theory of virtue (see for example MacIntyre, 1990: 133-135; Hibbs, 2001: 94) The Ethics of Food: A Reader for the Twenty-First Century For supposing it to be a universal law that everyone when he thinks himself in a difficulty should be able to promise whatever he pleases, with the purpose of not keeping his promise, the promise itself would become impossible, as well as the end that one might have in view in it, since no one would consider that anything was promised to him, but would ridicule all such statements as vain pretences. 3 Science and Ethics Science and Ethics. Sidgwick's Ethics and Victorian Moral Philosophy. The Political Philosophy of the British Idealists: Selected Studies. Various authors have been inspired, often in a critical frame of mind, to attempt to frame an historical overview of recent developments within ethics. Hampshire, S. 1949. �Fallacies in Moral Philosophy'. Reprinted in >From Parmenides to Wittgenstein: Collected Philosophical Papers, Vol.1 online. Philosophy needs to give more than a functional justification for a moral position. The question is whether the question of grounds in ethics is something which can be meaningfully discussed within philosophy: There have been philosophers, such as those of the Positivist school, who have argued that the claims in the realm of the ethical cannot be at all justified, they are beyond proof or testability, and are therefore to be dismissed as mere speculation, the results of emotions or subjective opinions The Key to Theosophy (Quest Book) There does not seem to be much reason to think that a single definition of morality will be applicable to all moral discussions. One reason for this is that “morality” seems to be used in two distinct broad senses: a descriptive sense and a normative sense online. Excerpts from John Lachs's chapter on Mill in Ethics in the History of Western Philosophy Ed. Cavalier, Gouinlock and Sterba (MacMillan/St , source: The Why Of The Will: The Unity Of The Universe And Wood argues that humanity itself is the grounding value for Kant. While the second Critique claims that good things owe their value to being the objects of the choices of rational agents, they could not, in his view, acquire any value at all if the source of that value, rational agency, itself had no value (1999, 130; see also 157–8) online. Just speaking for myself: I am not trying to describe my behavioural dispositions or internal states that "correlate [...] with other features of the universe" in "useful" ways New Waves in Metaethics (New download here Kohlberg’s successful study of ethics and moral psychology has a firm basis in both philosophical ethics and moral psychology, denoting a sound relationship between the two , cited: Nursing Ethics: A Virtue-Based Approach

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