The data of ethics

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The data of ethics

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Action-relative accounts can be contrasted with effect-relative accounts, which hold that an action may harm an individual in virtue of its effects on that individual, regardless of whether the individual would have been better off in the absence of the action. Instead, we are only subject to moral requirements that we impose on ourselves through the operation of our own reason independently of our natural desires and inclinations. So, why not the same for pleasure?) Do we have Vague Projects?

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Immanuel Kant’s Third Critique, clearly a great work of philosophy. We might think however it suffers from the following fault – we might think it’s not true The Philosophy of Loyalty It is not a moral duty for me to write my name in my books because the maxim of not writing my name in my books can be universalized with as little contradiction as the maxim of doing it. It is logically possible for everyone to write their names in their books as for no one to do so. Kant's moral rule is indeed about what is morally permissible if the maxim can be universalized without contradiction , source: Human nature and conduct; an introduction to social psychology For examples, see the history of the Soviet Union , cited: A Pocket Guide to Ethical read online While it is both difficult and undesirable to police language and to prescribe usage that dissipates conceptual confusion effectively, it may be helpful to observe some important distinctions before describing the work of philosophers in the area of “ethics of sport” Ownership of the Human Body: Philosophical Considerations on the Use of the Human Body and its Parts in Healthcare (Philosophy and Medicine) The wrong itself is the offense, not the loss to the victim, even if that loss is the reason for the wrong. Whether the loss can ever be made good, or to what extent, is irrelevant to the issue of punishment -- except that the repentance of the criminal, and his ability to restore the loss, may stand as a mitigating factor in the sentencing , cited: Mencian Hermeneutics: A read pdf Mencian Hermeneutics: A History of. Nature accumulates the good and disposes of the bad. The fit must survive both biologically and socially. The unfit, along with their social institutions, must perish. Marx states, �The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims Knowledge and Reality: Essays in Honor of Alvin Plantinga (Philosophical Studies Series) read online. These companies adopted ethical business practices as part of their corporate wide culture. They consider these modifications as necessary efforts and sacrifices to maintain their commitment to a socially responsible process that is in continual motion. The moral and ethical philosophies of an organization also impact global strategic planning. Callahan (2008) suggested that recognizing moral judgments often buried in arguments, especially that postulate matters of economic science, are likely to expose views based on moral assumption rather than rational examination download.

It is often said that while we have a strong reason not to create someone who will be badly off, we have no strong reason for creating someone who will be well off. In this paper I argue that this asymmetry is incompatible with a plausible principle of independence of irrelevant alternatives, and that a more general asymmetry between harming and benefiting is difficult to defend Backtalk: 4 Steps to Ending read online Now has Aristotle got this idea of moral blame, as opposed to any other? There are some mistakes, he says, which are causes, not of involuntariness in actions but of scoundrelism, and for which a man is blamed Asking, for Telling, by Doing, read epub With what consequences is now very clearly apparent, since it has been demonstrated in many instances how the errors of the greatest philosophers usually have their point of departure in a false explanation of certain human actions and sensations; ...a false ethics is erected, religion and mythological monsters are then in turn called to buttress it, and the shadow of these dismal spirits in the end falls even across physics and the entire perception of the world The Hermeneutics of Suspicion: Cross-Cultural Encounters with India (Bloomsbury Studies in Continental Philosophy) read online.

Generosity: Virtue in the Civil Society

Meta-ethics deals with the nature of moral judgement. It looks at the origins and meaning of ethical principles. Normative ethics is concerned with the content of moral judgements and the criteria for what is right or wrong. Applied ethics looks at controversial topics like war, animal rights and capital punishment Are ethical statements objectively true , source: Who's Afraid of Idealism? read for free So the book provides what is generally understood about Kant's "categorical imperative," i.e. a Moral Law that is an unconditioned ("categorical," meaning not for an ulterior purpose) command (" imperative "). After some preliminary discussion of good will and some examples of moral duties, Kant gives us the first and fundamental version of the Law: But what kind of a law can that be, the conception of which must determine the will without reference to the expected result ref.: A Pocket Guide to Ethical read online read online? One specific area in which behavior worsens is that such skepticism seems to incline people to be more willing to harm others , e.g. Equality and Tradition: read here Ibn Sina divides the soul into the rational, irascible and concupiscent, to which correspond the virtues of wisdom, courage and temperance respectively, and with justice being the 'summation' of all three ref.: The Search for the Legacy of the USPHS Syphilis Study at Tuskegee: Reflective Essays Based upon Findings from the Tuskegee Legacy Project I will be honest in all my business dealings. I will be considerate of the environment. In addition to general rules, good for everyone, there may also be rules that an individual should adopt because of the particular situations of that person�s life. For example, here are rules that a student in school might adopt and follow. I will root for and encourage the success of others , e.g. Virtue Ethics and Consequentialism in Early Chinese Philosophy As Norman Kretzmann and Eleonore Stump explain, something may be “a more or less fully developed actualized specimen” (Kretzmann and Stump, 1988: 292). For example, a healthy adult dog is more developed—that is, more actualized—than a puppy, whose fledgling state prevents it from participating in those activities characteristic of more mature dogs (e.g., reproduction, nurturing their young, etc.) , source: Hume: With Helps to the Study of Berkeley. Essays Hume: With Helps to the Study of.

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Bentham's Theory of Legislation, Vol. 1: Being Principes De Législation and Traités De Législation, Civile Et Pénale (Classic Reprint)


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Plato and Levinas: The Ambiguous Out-Side of Ethics

Works, Vol. 7 (Classic Reprint)

Of course it is possible to fail to live up to one’s own morality, but in that case one would be expected to feel guilt, or to be torn in some way. And if we use such feelings to pick out a person’s morality, we are relying on the sort of definition described above, in section 3.1. Mill (1861), in addition to offering a moral theory, takes pains to explain how morality differs from other normative systems The Discourses of Epictetus, download epub The dispute described in this slide, between Ghanaians who kill their "spirit children" and those who are struggling to end the practice, appears to be an example of a surface-level moral dispute that is caused purely by different metaphysical beliefs rather than different core moral commitments Understanding People: read pdf There is a delay, and in the meantime the servant dies from exposure in the ditch. The father is perhaps guilty of some kind of negligent homicide; but then the servant may have deserved to die in any case, and the father has broken no laws, in which there are no rules or protections for murder suspects pdf. Standards of what is considered ethical change over time, and generally these standards become more humane as humankind develops greater tolerance, awareness, and capacity for forgiveness and compassion. Humankind's - or any society's - capacity for ethical behaviour increases with its own safety and confidence of survival and procreation Christianity and progress With the moral law, however, we get a simple rule pulled directly out of the metaphysical hat, and no real consideration at all of the source of the concepts involved or the validity of derived propositions The Portable Best Friend: Wit and Wisdom to Get Through Lifes Rough Spots These companies knew exactly what they were doing each and every time. We can't know how many crimes were committed that were not caught and prosecuted, but based on those that were, we know that criminal behavior in the pharmaceutical industry is routine, presumably because it is, on the whole, profitable (which strongly suggests that there are crimes committed that don't get caught - not unlike the drug cartels) Killing Civilians: Method, Madness, and Morality in War (Columbia/Hurst) Generally, in Christianity the behaviors and teachings of individuals in the Bible stories are subjectively interpreted as good or bad - or the stories are said to be holy or evil within the eyes of God, which then leads the reader to conclude which specific acts are deemed right or wrong - and then the interpretations of good and bad are given the names of ethical and unethical pdf. Bentham adopted the bold view that hedonism was correct both in its psychological and in its ethical forms, viz. that pleasure was both the only object of human choice and the only worthy object. But Mill's generous sympathies and deeper insight into human nature did not let him rest with such a dogmatic and impoverished doctrine Philosophical Ethics : An Introduction to Moral Philosophy In a sense, the State is man writ large, and its function its function is to train its citizens in virtue. For his ideal State he proposed the community of goods and of wives and the public education of children. Though Socrates and Plato had been to the fore in this mighty work and had contributed much valuable material to the upbuilding of ethics; nevertheless, Plato's illustroius disciple, Aristotle (384-322 B Philosophical Ethics: An read epub

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